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Listen to your customers, literally.

Conversations are used to improve the artificial intelliegence as well as providing management with insight into precisely what customers are asking for.

Conversational AI demonstration for electric utilities

Many Features, Endless Possibilities

Explore some of the features we currently support. Responses and functionality are fully customizable to meet your needs. Get your utility app launched within weeks.

Account Information

Give your customers immediate access to their account

Accessing and modifying account information has never been easier. Once a device has been authenticated to a customers' utility account they will have access to all of their data through simple commands.

"What is my account balance?"
"When is my next bill due?"
"How do I reset my password?"

Outage Information

Always there, even in the dark

When the lights go out customers demand immediate information. Our solution provides this information instantaneously and 24/7 without ever needing to hold, or having to load a website. A natural conversation provides an excellent opportunity to receive outage reports or offer supplementary services such as outage notifications.

"When is my power going to be restored?"
"I would like to report an outage"
"How many people are affected in my neighbourhood?"

Consumption & Conservation

Powerful analytics, simple queries

Currently, customers are required to be proactive in the analysis of their data and the parsing of relevant conservation programs or tips. This amount of friction reduces participation as it is high effort and low personalization. Our solution abstracts their data so that customers may simply ask for the information they desire. Responses are processed with deep analysis of their own data to give a personalized experience. Opportunities for conservation promotions and tips occur naturally.

"Why is my bill so high?"
"How much power am I using?"
"How much does it cost to charge my EV?"


Promote special programs, naturally

Our AI is able to work program promotions into natural conversation when it is relevant to the user and within context. When this is coupled with instantaneous registration conversion rates increase while being completely seamless to your users.

"I noticed that your electricity consumption is higher than average this month. Would you like to hear about some conservation programs to help lower these costs?"
"Thanks for your payment. If you'd like make future payments even easier I can help you setup pre-authorized payments."

Service Requests

Say goodbye to complicated forms

Traditionally, online forms have been the most efficient way to collect information. But as a one way transaction any friction encountered by the user results in frustration and a call to customer service. Our solution allows users to provide information in a natural way. Questions can be answered along the way, and data can be provided in any order.

"I am moving to a new house"
"I'd like to install solar panels on my roof"
"There is a tree branch on the wires outside my house"

One more thing...

Features don't stop there. Many more are offered out of the box with more being added all the time. The more conversations the better it gets.

  • General Information

    Instantaneous responses to direct inquiries

    Save your customers time by providing specific answers to their general questions without ever having to load a website or call customer service.

    "What are your hours of operation?"
    "I want to get an EV charger installed"
  • Pay a Bill

    The most convenient way to pay

    Now your customers can use their Amazon, Google, or Apple accounts to pay their hydro bills. No need for lame third-party payment processors or accounts. They simply authenticate the payment with their favourite account directly on their device or by voice.

    "Pay $50 toward my bill"
    "Sign me up for pre-authorized payments"
  • Time of Use

    Simplify demand pricing

    Take the guess work and confusion out of demand pricing for your customers by providing them not only with direct inquiries about pricing but also in a natural format. Rate information can be tied into consumption and conservation conversations.

    "Is today a tou holiday?"
    "When should I run my dishwasher?"

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